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Restylane Lipp

Whether you would like more volume, a refreshed lip-line, more attractive contours, or a more distinctive shape, RESTYLANE Lipp can create a look that's noticeably distinct, yet still natural. RESTYLANE Lipp gives your practitioner the ultimate tool for crafting your lips to your heart's desire.

Unlike other lip enhancement treatments, RESTYLANE Lipp is made entirely from non-animal, natural sources, minimising the risk of allergic reaction. RESTYLANE has a proven track record of more than 4 million treatments across 70 countries, no other treatment can offer you such reassurance.

RESTYLANE Lipp is a crystal-clear form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the lips but diminishes with age. RESTYLANE Lipp replaces this hyaluronic acid, thereby maintaining lip fullness and definition.Your lips will not only appear more attractive, they'll also feel healthier, softer and more hydrated.

Enhancement with RESTYLANE Lipp also dramatises the impact of lipstick, and can minimise 'lipstick bleed' which sometimes occurs at the lip border.

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