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Naturopathic Treatments

Lines, wrinkles and much more....

Unfortunately as we age the production of collegen and elastin (the foundations to plump healthy skin) gradually slows down. So whilst we may be healthier and fitter than you were in your teens, your skin is not so active.

This can be resolved. You may have tried and tested different creams that all promise to give you that youthful plump skin that you desire, without much success. Here at Dr McManners we have the answer...dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers have a variety of uses and benefits. Long gone are the days of facial freezing and the 'trout pout', now it is about enhancing your natural beauty. Subtly replacing the volume that has been lost over the years. By injecting in the right places, the skin will begin to tighten and lines and wrinkles will smooth out, leaving you with flawless skin that others will envy.

They can also be used for nose reshaping and lip augmentation, and are a great alternative to surgical procedures. A major benefit of dermal fillers is they can give the same results you would get with surgery, with a certain degree of flexibility. Dermal fillers generally last between 6-9 months, which means you can carry on with the same treatment or change to alternatives which may suit you best at different stages of life.

Dermal fillers are truly versatile and a popular choice with patients in Canterbury, Margate, Hythe, Kent, Blackheath and Central London.

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